To respond to a special need or service request - even the most exclusive - C3Medical Conciergerie department will be happy to support and provide the service, in collaboration with its best-in-class partners.

Should you require:

  • Private jet transportation from or to your home located in a distant continent, 
  • Helicopter with limousine transfers, for example to pay a visit to a famous Swiss watch manufacturer or for a shopping experience in Milan
  • 24/7 assistance of a personal interpreter or of a chef, 
  • Body-guard protection from former French special force personnel, 
  • Rental of a Renaissance castle, “hôtel particulier” or of an exclusive appartment with terrace overlooking the Eiffel Tower,  
  • Private box at the opera or VIP visit to the Louvre Museum - outside crowded opening hours,
  • Private Gourmet diner with your own personal Michelin 3-star-awarded chef, 
  •  …

C3Medical will respond and support 24/7. The only limit is your imagination.