You are a hospital or a medical body wanting to develop a program, where the success of implementing leading-edge technology is key?

For example, you need to be equiped rapidly with a proton-therapy center, or a virtual hospital, to train your medical personnel through simulation techniques using state-of-the art robots animated by specific scenarii ?

You also want to be sure your project team is building the program in the most solid and cost-efficient way, to guarantee the right design and equipment to deliver maximum performance right from day one?

You want to lower the risks, while reducing the duration of the development, to ensure optimum long-term Return-On-Investment ?

C3Medical will bring you decisive assistance in consulting and operational support, from the design of your project up to its delivery and beyond – if needed - throughout its operational life.

After in-depth discussions with you and your project team, C3Medical will assemble the best-in-class experts to support the project, thanks to close ties and experience gained over the years with leading international and French medical institutions, hospitals, top medical specialists from the medical industrial ecosystem.

Meaning, for example, in the complex case of a proton-therapy center project, to ensure correct and specific design according to the patient audience you are targeting, you could benefit from 28 years of cumulative leading-edge experience of Institut Curie's teams - oncologists and doctors, radio-physicians, technical engineers - technology suppliers and experts plus support in recruiting and training. 

C3Medical and his partners' goals are clear, whatever the project, its ambition or size: to deliver on-time, to maximize your Return On Investment both in short and long term by shaping it to the right size, for example, avoiding dangerous overspending or, on the contrary, insufficient investment.   

To begin, you simply need to get in contact with our C3Medical team: We will be pleased to respond to your request rapidly. Whatever the ambition, the size or the duration of your development project and the support it will need over time.