In collaboration with its network of top medical universities, hospitals and specialists, C3Medical offers you a wealth of training & education programs.

Whatever your level of medical expertise: from student to highly-qualified specialist seeking to be informed on the latest techniques.

After initial contact with our team (see contact details), depending on your profile and needs, you will have access to online information, webinars, ccalls, regional or international meetings etc. with qualified experts from the C3Medical international community, wherever they are from or based. This could be in China, France, Europe, or USA.

As an example, C3Medical can provide access to thematic conferences and international training programs, organized in France – like the IC-3i PhD program of Institut Curie - close to your location, or through on-line interactive communication systems.

If there is no current medical thematic matching your needs, C3Medical can also organize a “tailor-made” connection with the right experts. Just feel free to ask.