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📖 A book => “ Unhealthcare : a manifesto for health insurance ” by Hemant Taneja and Stephen Klasko . The authors present arguments in favor of a new approach to health, aiming to put the emphasis on prevention and follow-up to care. Briefly, develop “health insurance” services to reduce the demand and cost of treatment and keep people healthier.

This book shows us how a health insurance model can be built using current technologies such as the cloud, AI, digitalization and connected objects, and in particular

  • how this model can help us stay healthier at a lower cost,       
  • how this model can help individuals and authorities to contain and better anticipate and manage pandemics such as the one linked to Covid-19, which are expected to continue to develop,       
  • how this system can generate opportunities for innovation.       

In short, a real guide to how entrepreneurs, healthcare professionals and policymakers can harness technology to launch new services and stop an uncontrolled explosion in the cost of good health and welfare, and to improve its spread.

A podcast on e-health => Jean-Baptiste Michel shares in this episode his interview with Dr Arnaud Rosier , rhythmologist and researcher in biomedical computing, co-founder of the start-up Implicity .

This e-health start-up plays a major role in the remote monitoring of implantable cardiac devices in Europe and around the world. Its platform enables more than 60 user centers, in France and internationally, to efficiently use the data of more than 30,000 remote-monitoring patients and thus improve the quality of their care thanks to cutting-edge data science technologies, Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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