Testimonial - Wei Liang Tang

"We appealed to C3Medical once we had decided to go to France, to the Institut Curie, to treat our daughter who had been diagnosed with a very serious form of cancer. It was when we arrived at the Institute that we learned that C3Medical was working in close collaboration with the international department of this hospital. 
C3Medical managed the entire care process, with the exception of the medical portion: translation of documents and also during consultations with doctors, obtaining and extending the visa, helping to understand medical reports and invoices but also logistics coordination for treatments between the different hospitals that took care of our daughter—the Institut Curie, the Necker hospital and the Gustave Roussy Centre. 
Outside the four walls of the hospital, C3Medical helped us to find accommodations suited to the different stages of our stay and always provided clear visibility regarding the status of expenditures incurred.
What was particularly useful to us was the responsiveness of the team and getting the necessary responses in a timely manner; this is essential when you are in such a situation. We also greatly appreciated the presence and availability of the different people from C3Medical during our 6 months of presence in France.
For us, C3Medical is able to provide access to high-level treatments that are much more affordable than treatments in America, to provide transparent care itineraries, to enable Chinese patients to be treated and cared for in the same way as French patients. We have recommended C3Medical in China to several families, some of whom have chosen to go to France for treatment and we will do so again.
Our daughter is now back in school in China and living like all the other children, which is wonderful”. 

Wei Liang Tang