Tele-expertise and tele-consultation

Through the sanitary crisis, we have learned that we can continue to help and accompany patients, even remotely. However, tele-expertise and tele-consultation as we envision them are not to be considered as additional offers, but rather as necessary and indispensable elements in the current context.
Since June 2020, thanks to tele-expertise and tele-consultation, we have been able to facilitate the treatment of patients from China, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Gabon, and Algeria whose health required consulting with a qualified medical specialist.
Tele - expertise according to C3Medical.

C3Medical organizes tele-expertise sessions with its partner hospitals in France. The goal is to share knowledge at a distance and to provide ever more relevant answers to patients regarding pathologies and complex cases.
These sessions are designed to bring together through video, doctors of reference in France with specialists abroad to discuss real cases that they had been asked to examine beforehand.
A first experiment was conducted among expert doctors at the Institute Curie in Paris, with oncologists at the Drum Tower Hospital in Nanjing. In view of the success encountered and the satisfaction of doctors and patients, we will be increasing these sessions in Asia and Africa in the weeks to come.
Tele-consultation according to C3Medical.

Within the context of long-term or chronic pathologies, C3Medical organizes tele-consultations for follow-up appointments that cannot be performed physically. The C3Medical tele-consultation service coordinates the care structure, the attending physician and the patient. Tele-consultations are also in place to discuss with patients when the elements in hand are not sufficient to obtain a complete perspective of a case, or to enhance the analysis of their case and knowledge of their condition.  This is important in order to propose the most suitable treatment plan as possible, if the patient has to seek treatment outside their country. When prescriptions cannot be obtained locally, C3Medical also takes on the mission to obtain and deliver the medication.