To be the link between two cultures and two countries.

A patient advisor with a specialization in " Chinese patients ", Romain Breant is fluent in Mandarin.  
His days are filled with files, translations, and quotes but also patient follow-up from A to Z, because comforting and reassuring patients before their arrival is also very important to Romain who appreciates the team spirit that reigns at C3Medical.

Romain often goes to greet patients at the airport. " I am responsible in particular for relations with Chinese patients before their arrival in France, while they are here, and when they have returned to China to follow up." For these patients, as a first step and in coordination with the Shanghai company offices, Romain Breant contacts the patient, ensures that the files are correctly constituted and made available to the hospital that will accommodate them. Calm and kind, Romain often takes care of children's cases: paediatric cases which are very serious, and often quite rare, which require access to the best specialists in the world. " I think you have to learn to manage your feelings because it is not easy to accompany this type of child; it’s not easy every day, but it brings a great deal of joy when we can take care of them and provide them with comfort”.      

When asked to define his role, Romain speaks of a bridge between France and abroad (China in particular) and French hospital partners. His position, complementary to that of Michel Desbois - Care Manager, is the point of entry for therapeutic stays. Ensuring that files are complete and translated correctly is not Romain’s only goal: "there is also all the intermediate translation, understanding the culture, understanding the disease and the families because each family is different, we must therefore take the time to share with parents to properly understand their questions and reassure them”'    

His open mind - he had the chance to travel halfway around the world at a young age—his patience, his kindness and his knowledge of Chinese culture allows him to focus on what is important for his position: human relations and to be an asset for C3Medical. This quality takes on its full extent with the versatility of his position and his welcoming personality.