This is a discovery that could change many things for patients suffering from Parkinson's disease. This treatment is a first in Europe.

An important medical step

The medical staff of the University Hospital of Amiens-Picardie have something to be proud of when they realized, for the first time in Europe, a laser treatment, assisted by MRI monitoring in real-time to oversee this delicate operation, and have managed to cure the severe tremor of an 84-year-old patient.

Dr. Michel Lefranc who spoke on Europe 1 explains: "At first, we lowered a small laser fiber using a robot in a very specific area of his brain, we could then go down to MRI and use this laser to burn in laser thermotherapy ". 

Thermotherapy is a medical technique that consists of using a device inducing the temperature variation (by hyperthermia or hypothermia), for therapeutic purposes. 

The doctor explains that this area of the brain called the thalamus, once treated, prevents the return of the tremor.


A real hope for the sick

Although this operation does not cure Parkinson's, but treats its symptoms, it is a breath of optimism for many patients. This surgery treats the symptoms for all sorts of tremors ... so it can be considered, not only in patients with Parkinson's, but also when the tremor is predominant or for multiple sclerosis.

The operation is hardly invasive, the main difficulty remains in the preparation, as confirms Michel Lefranc: "it uses especially a lot of technology and imaging, because it [the operation NDLR] is done using an MRI.  It takes time to set up, it takes a few hours to achieve. But the act itself is very quick - only one stitch is needed - and therefore remains very invasive for the patient". 

A dozen patients a year should be operated using this technique. Today, in France for the 200,000 people who suffer from this disease, this advance in medicine is a truly encouraging prospect.


Source : Gentside - Morsli Pauline, 11th June 2019