To design and offer a public utility service
Omar Filali's international academic career—including INSA, UFSC (Brazil), Babson College (USA) and HEC Paris – as well as his dual engineering/business school profile further enriched by a significant professional experience in Strategy and Management Consulting - notably at MGEN and AXA - highlight his open, curious and entrepreneurial spirit. Thus, with a dual culture - Moroccan and French - Omar Filali enriches the C3Medical team in its endeavour to develop innovative services in the field of health.
In charge of the strategy and development of the C3Medical 4.0 platform for medical services, Omar Filali focuses as much on the message as he does on the means of delivering it. Indeed, C3Medical's medical-social hotline - which is targeted for countries in West and North Africa - aims to have a strong societal impact by offering a primary level of assistance and medical services to beneficiaries - patients and insured persons - in areas where the lack of doctors is prevalent and care structures are rare or even absent.
In this context, for Omar Filali the Hotline is not an additional service but rather a necessary service to improve the health of people by shortening distances, thanks to this platform which firstly makes it possible to reassure patients, and then establish a pre-diagnosis before referring the patient to the health professional most suited to his situation—general practitioner, specialist, psychologist, midwife—or redirecting them to a local emergency service, or even scheduling a medical evacuation if necessary.  
Omar Filali's thirst for innovation will not be left unquenched, as he and his team are imagining a plethora of innovative services such as the implementation of chat-bots and voice-bots specialized in the field of health as the first level of interaction, tele-services and home medical care, the use of connected objects to allow remote monitoring and remote assistance, and even artificial intelligence for diagnosis and the development of robots capable of interacting with patients.  
To offer partners—insurance companies, brokers, public and private institutions—innovative solutions with high added value so as to enable them to improve the health of their employees or fellow citizens is the goal of the teams at C3Medical, and with this platform, the goal to compensate for the lack of structures in some areas and to make the possibility of being in good health accessible to all. This could be Omar Filali's claim on this project—a public utility project.