Referral - Advise - Accompany - Support are challenges that he takes up on a daily basis.

Efficiency, attention and empathy are qualities that Michel Desbois puts to work every day to carry out his mission as Care Manager. 
Michel Desbois provides physical support to international patients during their hospital stay. But, for him, their arrival is prepared well in advance. He therefore knows his patients' medical records perfectly, which allows him to assess the specific needs and state of mind in which the patient finds him or herself.

And, even if he does not intervene within the medical scope, his passion for medicine pushes him to document and deepen his medical knowledge: “It interests me to know all the possible implications for the patient. It helps you to better understand things”. Knowledge that enables him to organize and manage tailor-made therapeutic stays. Thus, Michel Desbois will be uncompromising on the thickness of a carpet in a hotel - thickness that could hinder the path of a wheelchair, for example - or be vigilant about the space around a bed in an apartment hotel – if it turns out that post-operative care will require IV equipment around the bed. He will also be called upon to recommend possible post-operative accommodations according to the personality and the pathology of the patient.   

But, for Michel Desbois, the job of Care Manager is not just a logistics job, because “logistical and other problems are easily resolved”, what matters to him is the relationship and the human side. 

Understanding the disease, understanding your patient in order to best guide him or her are the keys to a successful therapeutic stay. And, when asked what he appreciates the most, Michel Desbois talks about the diversity of his days, the cases and the patients.
Michel Desbois is perfectly familiar with the cultural differences and the expectations of patients according to their country of origin. Knowing how to adapt, to remain calm, and create the bond between the patient and the medical staff are all components of Michel Desbois' personality which make him a precise and honest Care Manager: " What is complementary to the tailor-made course, is the human side: we really feel for the patient. I think if we do this job and we are not passionate and convinced about what we are doing, we’ll do it poorly. You can’t cheat”.