Medical evacuations

End-to-end support, coordination and optimization :

Rigorously selected transportation
The C3Medical medical evacuation service is based on high-quality air transportation. We select our partners with care, to offer the most suitable means of transportation for the patient's condition and localization, at the best cost. We are uncompromising when it comes to the quality of the evacuation process but also the quality of equipment and facilities, as well as the selection and training of our partners’ staff.
Whether it is a need for a helicopter to retrieve a patient in a remote and difficult-to-access area, an airliner capable of transporting the patient on a stretcher, or a medical aircraft adapted to the distance to be covered and to the degree of urgency, we are able to offer the right solution 24/7. 
A committed and dedicated team
Our team, comprised of physicians and case managers, ensures flawless service, allowing the patient to be taken care of in the best manner possible. The team is present at every stage and coordinates the flight plan, the equipment and the constitution of the medical staff—nurses, doctors, intensive care anaesthetist —with our partners.
End-to-end support
For C3Medical, a sanitary evacuation doesn’t end when the patient arrives at their destination; we ensure that:  
- the hospital chosen is a referral hospital for the treatment of the pathology in question,
- invoiced expenses are optimized to their fullest extent,
- the proposed treatment plan is well-optimized in terms of duration and method of care.
We also ensure that relations with the insurance company or other payment services are fluid; that the patient and his family are well accompanied throughout the duration of the transportation and hospitalization; and that the return trip is well-organized and prepared.

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