Jérôme Soistier's editorial

The Public Health State of Emergency that was declared in France on March 23rd has now ended and from July 1st international borders progressively open.  During this unprecedented public health crisis, we have continued to provide the ongoing urgent care needed for our international patients already present in France.   In addition we have continued to study medical cases and provide Second Opinions as well as proposals for care pathway and surgeries planned post-Pandemic - for which the requests have never ceased.
    In order to provide answers to the many questions regarding welcoming international patients within our network of Medical Institutions, we interviewed Pierre Anhoury, Director of International Relations at the Institut Curie.  He has described to us the actions that were taken during the crisis as well as the specific post-COVID-19 measures that are now imposed to guarantee the safety of future patient health care.

    Since June 15th all of the non-urgent treatment that had been postponed in April, May and June have now been reprogrammed, regardless of the origin of the patients as long as the borders have been reopened and the air routes have become operational.  Consultations and care pathway treatments adapted to the state of health of the patients are once again possible.  We have detailed the security measures that have been implemented in the article “INTERNATIONAL PATIENT TREATMENT CARE PATHWAYS UNDER COVID-19”

    Today, we are tempted to say that more than ever, that the C3Medical values – coordination and cooperation – are well alive and support us in our ambition to: provide access to the excellence of French Medicine for international patients.  Discover how we have helped our patients through this crisis in the article “COORDINATING A CARE PATHWAY IS ALSO KNOWING HOW TO BE PRESENT AND TO ADAPT IN EXTREME CONDITIONS”.  You can read the testimonies of our C3Medical teams in China in the article “JANUARY-JUNE 2020: THE C3MEDICAL CHINA TEAM AT THE HEART OF THE FIGHT AGAINST COVID-19” 
Finally, we invite you to discover, if you have not already done so, our institutional film presentation at the end of this newsletter.

We know that together we will succeed in getting back to “normal” perhaps even stronger and more efficient than before.
Jérôme Soistier, CEO C3Medical, j.soistier@c3medical.com, Tel: +33 607 33 72 82