ITV #1 - Patrice Bideau

BestCARE TM C3Medical’s care-pathway management platform.
Patrice Bideau - Director of Operations - presents BestCARE TM, the C3Medical platform developed in-house which brings together, federates and coordinates all the players in the care process.
What is your role in C3 Medical’s BestCARETM?  

From a global point of view, my role is to ensure that C3Medical is able to deliver the best quality of service to its customers and partners, and to support the evolvement of the company towards an even more digital and patient-centred one.
Regarding BestCARETM, I am responsible for developing this platform and ensuring that it becomes the central tool for managing care-pathways at C3Medical. From an operational point of view, I identify the needs of all stakeholders and businesses to ensure that we meet the challenges of all: Patients, Customers, Partners, Hospitals, Insurance Companies, and Doctors, as well as the challenges within our own internal operations. 
On the strategic side, I work with the rest of the C3Medical teams to anticipate the development of new services to bring even greater closeness and value to our patients and customers, and continue to strengthen the security of patient data that already meets the stringent current regulations.
Can you present BestCARE TM to us? 

BestCARETM is a 360°, multi-user digital platform, which intuitively integrates process management and data associated with a rigorous, orchestrated and secure care-pathway. It aims to ease interactions between health professionals, our teams and stakeholders to ensure better coordination of the actions of each.
In BestCARETM, each player has their own digital space with specific access rights, which gives them, depending on their functions and their qualification (with or without access to medical information), the opportunity to consult, inform or to follow the evolution of a file or their activity with C3Medical. For example, an insurance company that sends us dozens of files each month can track and find all the files it has sent us, all in the same place and along with the associated statuses and all the information and reports, consolidated by the file.
As for C3Medical, our teams of patient assistants, care managers, or doctors receive automatic notifications about the tasks they must perform for each patient under their care.
Lastly, it is also a tool that allows us to communicate in real time with the patient by giving them secure access to their medical information and their care-pathway (place of appointment, time of appointment, practical information, messaging, satisfaction survey), to better assist them when they are away from home.
What is the uniqueness of BestCARETM

BestCARETM allowed us to change the way we do business. Today, we strive to meet security, traceability, efficiency and responsiveness requirements that our partners ask of us, and we save time.
Our “all-in-one” platform enables us to carry out all the tasks inherent in a care-pathway in a more efficient manner: from receiving patient data, managing their file and their care-pathway, up to and including the creation and expedition of price quotes, as well as billing and patient satisfaction follow-up.  
Lastly, as we are capable of centralizing everything in one database we can prevent errors and loss of information, ensure access to better visibility of this information, and meet data reporting needs in real time so as to enable further improvement of our quality of service.
You mentioned C3Medical’s DNA, in what ways can we find it present within BestCARETM?

In the cooperative and "patient-centric" aspects of the application!    
C3Medical places the patient and the cooperation between the different actors of the care-pathway at the heart of the development of BestCARETM.
With BestCARETM, we will improve the quality and timeliness of patient care and we will strengthen communication, essential leverage for assisting international patients.   We are also strengthening cooperation between actors, coordination of actions, and—ultimately—the quality of care.
BestCARETM will become the backbone of our activity and will evolve with us. It is an open platform, that is to say that we can interface it thanks to APIs (programming interfaces) with many external tools such as CRM, Contact Centre, SI hospitals, etc. to further heighten its relevancy.