Stress: a word that comes up more and more often in everyday life but also in the business world. 
How can we fight against the undesirable effects of this all-too-popular word? 
A rather vague word, "stress" refers to all the responses of an organism subjected to pressures or constraints from the environment. According to the medical definition, it is a complex sequence of events causing physiological and psychosomatic responses. By extension, all of these events are also called "stress". In everyday language, we speak of "positive stress" (eustress) and "negative stress" (distress). Stress is to be distinguished from anxiety, which is an emotion, while stress is a response mechanism that can cause different emotions, including anxiety.
Let us be clear and precise: the study of stress is still a matter of experimental medicine and the effective remedy - without undesirable side effects - remains an objective to be achieved. Indeed, there are few precise and reliable evaluation markers, and each human being reacts differently to the same source of "stress". 
Despite these limitations but while also keeping them in mind, C3Medical offers an assessment of the level of stress to which a patient is subjected. This is carried out through the study of a set of biological markers considered to be reliable, combined with a psychological evaluation. The latter is carried out by a team of qualified doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists who are pioneers or experienced in the field of "personal stress management".
Thus, thanks to the techniques they have developed personally, together with their combined experience in the care of persons subject to intense pressure sources - CEOs, celebrities, armed forces ... and doctors - these experts are able to provide a precise assessment of the level of “stress” to which the patient is subjected, as well as provide some precise and valuable advice, aimed at containing the negative effects of this pressure on physical and mental health.