Editorial by Jérôme Soistier

Cooperation, Coordination, Care: the 3 C’s of C3Medical are, in many ways, our 3 pillars, those which support our medical service activities, the care-pathways, check-ups, medical evacuation – quite numerous in these times of crisis—but also tele-expertise, remote support and consulting.
Yet, C3Medical is nothing without the Human factor. Therefore, all of our teams are focused on one sole objective: to improve everyone's health. They do so in real time; this month, our Medical Director, Ashraf Sokari, explains what makes up a successful EVASAN. 
But we don’t want to stop there, so Patrice Bideau - Director of Operations - will present the BestCARE TM platform, which enables the consolidation and digitization of exchanges, to improve the coordination of care-pathways, to provide important information to patients and physicians in real time, and to develop new services, all while guaranteeing data security and confidentiality.
Lastly, we’d like to welcome Omar Filali to our team, who will be in charge of operations for Morocco and Africa. His first project: to operate the C3Medical Healthcare hotline. This service, geared towards connecting patients and healthcare professionals remotely and prior to care, essentially aims to optimize care, to reassure, and to provide support in regions lacking medical services.   It will be gradually enriched with new innovative solutions with a high added value, combining technology and care.  
To genuinely improve health, through digital options and through prevention by providing innovative check-ups that are adapted to the conditions of each individual: that is the daily life of our teams.
You will have understood that, for us, “improvement” is not an empty term, it is our watchword!  

Jérôme Soistier, President of C3Medical