Editorial by Jérôme Soistier

We now know : nothing will ever be the same again. The health crisis we are experiencing has brought its share of " revolutions " in the field of health. The development, in record time, of vaccines containing genetic materials (Messenger RNA, DNA), allowing certain technical and biological limits to be surpassed, should have a lasting and significant impact on the treatment and prevention of numerous pathologies, such as cancer, but also many others.
What about Africa, what are the perspectives and innovations there? 
Doctor Pierre Anhoury - Director of International Relations at Institut Curie - provides us an overview of cancer in Africa.
Patrice Bideau -director of C3Medical operations - discusses with  us the privacy of health data: what are the obligations and what are the opportunities for insurance companies and other companies in the health sector ?  
You can also discover my interview, the theme of which is: How can technology positively impact the quality of care in Africa ?  
Also, please read the zoom on telemedicine and an article on what the last 10 months have permanently changed.

Jérôme Soistier – President of C3Medical