Coordinating a care pathway is also knowing how to be present and to adapt to a situation in extreme conditions

During the COVID-19 crisis, hospitals, hotels and borders suddenly closed down.  The
C3Medical teams dedicated their energy to ensure that international patients present in France could continue to follow their care pathways with serenity. 
Of course, for some patients, in a critical situation, they continued to be cared for by their institution.  But for others, far from their country and their loved ones, it was necessary to organize and to coordinate. C3Medical supported them with a respectful and reassuring daily presence.

Under such extreme conditions, it was highly important that every participant in the care pathway – consulates, patients, family, hospitals, TPA, insurance, hotels notably – coordinate rapidly to offer ongoing solutions and optimized information, accommodation and accompaniment, in terms of comfort and support as well as financially. 

The C3Medical teams organized patient rehousing to appropriate accommodation when their hotel was obliged to close. It was also necessary to obtain medication, to coordinate transport, to help with the organization of video-consultations, to reassure the patients themselves as well as their families. All of these actions may seem minimal but they took on a major impact during the crisis where the patients found themselves diminished, deprived and isolated. 

Today the borders are beginning to reopen and it is with great satisfaction that C3Medical teams see the international patients returning to their loved ones and to their countries. Even though the departure protocols are very strict with the imposition of sanitary precautionary measures, the tests, the isolation and the 14 days in a hotel quarantine measures upon arrival to certain destinations.  But what pleasure it brings to see the smiles, the tears of joy running down the masked cheeks of the patients as they go toward the boarding gate before flying off to reunite with the loved ones they hadn’t seen for over 3 months. 
C3Medical doesn’t abandon the patients at the airport: any necessary care is organized locally, return to France is planned and organized for additional treatment if required, as well as a care pathway if their state of health needs it, once they have been able to decompress and rest up at home.
Without a doubt, all those who were stranded in France under these extraordinary circumstances will remember the spring of 2020 more than others, the C3Medical teams as well.