At C3Medical, we believe that the risk of serious illness and accelerated aging is avoidable if preventive measures are taken regularly, starting at a certain age or when certain conditions are present. This is why we have developed a comprehensive range of adapted, half-day "check-ups", from the simple health check (consultation, analysis, imaging and basic examinations), coordinated by a physician, to much more complete exams to further explore specific health topics (cardiology, oncology, ophthalmology, etc.)   
To take it a step further: detection of the slightest evidence of disease and degenerative conditions at the earliest stage. C3Medical has also established a day-long “preventive check-up” program, combining both a traditional clinical approach led by a team of specialized doctors with the use of the most advanced medical technologies, particularly in the fields of aging and stress.   
The prevention program proposed by C3Medical focuses on 3 points: the prevention of potential diseases, the fight against the harmful effects of stress (see the Zoom in newsletter 3) and preventing premature aging. At the end of the various examinations and analyses, doctors establish a clear, global and precise image of the individual’s state.  
A simple and efficient process: during a confidential debriefing based upon the results of his check-up and depending upon the type of assessment carried out, the patient receives a written report ranging from a simple description of his state of health and points to be monitored, to a much more comprehensive report including a suggested list of corrective steps and additional measures to improve or strengthen the state of health , slow aging and reduce stress levels in the short and long terms. 
If, during the performance of one of the check - ups, the doctors detect a potential threat or the discovery of a pathology, they will suggest, in conjunction with C3Medical, the appropriate measures to be taken immediately, or put the patient in expert hands to propose as soon as possible the commitment to an adapted care-pathway.