C3Medical builds bridges towards Central Asia, in order to help improve the quality of cares in this region.

C3 medical has participated in the laying of the first brick of beautiful partnerships between hospitals from France and from Kazakhstan. 


Our conviction: improving the skills of local health professionals will contribute to improving the quality of care offered to patients and will open up development opportunities for structures (establishments or companies) in France that will be able to show real involvement.

Traveling in these times of health crisis is exceptional.

So at C3Medical, we are all the more delighted to have been able to participate in an exceptional mission promoted by the embassies of France in Kazakhstan and Kazakhstan in France.

This project is the first building block as part of the cooperation program funded by FSPI *.


Our objective is twofold:

  • Promote French expertise and innovation in health in Central Asia.     
  • Help improve care in countries where health systems and structures do not yet meet all patient needs.        

During this fascinating trip, we were able to meet the medical directorates of the seven main healthcare structures in the two main towns, Nour Soultan and Almaty.

Our discussions with the Deputy Minister of Health of Kazakhstan and leaders of the National Health Fund (Social Security) of Kazakhstan were rich and instructive.

With the presence of Institut Curie, our partner in Oncology, we were able to listen to their various needs expressed around medical cooperation, in the fields of training, advice, and care.

This trip was the perfect opportunity to promote other specialties and benchmark French establishments with which we work.

The Republic of Kazakhstan is very proactive on investments already made and planned in health.


Our interlocutors nevertheless showed a strong interest in setting up cooperation in the following fields:

  • Screening for certain cancers,         
  • Pediatric oncology,         
  • Detection of cancers,         
  • tumor analyses (histological, anatomopathological, and genetic),         
  • Palliative care         
  • And cutting-edge care in gastroenterology, cardiology, urology, and neurosurgery that favors outpatient and minimally invasive solutions.         

What is the next step?

Consolidate these high-level contacts with concrete actions allowing the transfer of skills and the sharing of good practices.

We will achieve this thanks to the development of relations between the structures and the health professionals of the two countries.

Specifically, the "master-class" training in lines and exchanges (students) on priority topics have already been validated on principle.

We went a step further with the establishment of regular discussions on complicated patient cases in which sharing between French teams and Kazakhstani teams can improve the reliability of diagnoses and protocols.

The idea is always to improve the quality of care offered to patients and the skills of healthcare professionals.

* Solidarity Fund for Innovative Projects, civil societies, the Francophonie and human development