Urology is another historic field of medicine and surgery, where France plays a key role.

Dr. Jean Casimir Felix Guyon is considered as the father of modern urology, founder in 1907 of the International Society of Urology and Pr. Jean Hambuger who performed in 1952, the world’s first kidney transplant from a living donor. 

Thanks to pioneering technology and non-invasive techniques (3D imagery, robotics, laparoscopy), French doctors and surgeons perform complex fine cancer surgery (40% of activity), kidney transplants and repair – resuming urinary function surgery, neuro-urology and andrology (reproduction and sexual functions).

Out of 3,065 French hospitals and clinics, 751 deal with urinary incontinence, 698 with urinary stones, 639 with prostate, 630 with bladder, 494 with kidney, 418 with testicles.

Among these, C3Medical is proud to work closely with Institut Mutualiste Montsouris / IMM in Paris, managing its international patient activity  (for more information, please see video in the main section "Care for Complex Pathologies" and description in "C3Medical Hospital Network" by clicking on the logo in the lower banner).