C3Medical is operating within several continents.

The international teams are based in :

  • Paris France, the headquarters, is where French healthcare system operations, customers and partners involved in the patient care path, and international collaboration and coordination are managed
  • Shanghai, the coordination office for China and Asia 
  • Casablanca (Morocco), the coordination office for Africa and Middle East 

The teams have a common goal: being close to customers or patients, in order to provide them with effective “world-class” care and support, at optimum cost, 24/7, 365 days a year.

C3Medical's team members have varied profiles: different nationalities, diverse professional backgrounds (ex. medical, marketing, computer science, hotel industry, management control) and wide experience (from SME to top management responsibilities within international European, American or Asian companies).

To reinforce the level of service provided to its patients, the medical department is under the exclusive supervision of a medical director, a doctor specializing in emergency care and sanitary evacuation.

In addition, on leading-edge academic or infrastructure cancer projects, the C3Medical team is supported by 2 Professors, both renowned French and Chinese oncologists and radiotherapists, based in their respective countries.